Deuteronomy Memory Verse

Join me in memorizing these two verses as our memory verse(s) of the week (MVOTW). This passage is also known as the Hebrew “Shema” (the word for “hear”). A beautiful declaration of the monotheistic God of Israel and the command to love Him with every ounce of our being. Follow along on Instagram @jessejoyner and #mvotwyear

Numbers Memory Verse

This is the blessing to Aaron and his sons that God commanded Moses to tell Aaron. One thing I love about this blessing is that following this blessing, God then tells Moses, “so they [Aaron and his sons] will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them” (v. 27).

Wow. God shines on us so that we may “put his name” on those around us (so that they may be blessed by God). Think about that.

Leviticus Memory Verse

This week’s memory verse of the week (MVOTW) comes from Leviticus, the oft forgotten book of laws and regulations in the Old Testament. We can’t ignore the richness of this book, as God reminds us where we once were and how he has rescued us. He has enabled us to hold our heads high!

Exodus Memory Verse

Here we are at week 2 of memorizing a verse from each book of the Bible in a year. This week’s verse comes from the Song of Moses and Miriam found in Exodus 15. They are praising God for delivering them from the hands of the Egyptian army after fleeing from them and making it through the parted waters of the Red Sea (while Pharaoh’s soldiers and chariots did not). God alone is God. There is no other. No one, no god, and no thing can hold a candle to his awesome and majestic holiness.

Genesis Memory Verse – Memorizing one verse from each book of the Bible in a year

There are 66 books in the Bible.

There are 52 weeks in a year.

That’s pretty close.

The difference is 14. So if you can double up on fourteen of the weeks…

Then, you can memorize a verse from each book of the Bible in a year.

In fact, if you memorize two verses in the weeks of Lent (8), Pentecost (1), All Saints Day (1), and Advent (4) and one verse each of the other weeks, you have 66 and can cover each book of the Bible.

This is essentially a MVOTW per week (plus the extra fourteen). If you don’t know what MVOTW is, click here for my post about it.

So I’m going to do this. Who’s with me? I will post a verse each week (considering Sunday as the start to each week) starting with today.

Today is the first Sunday of the year. And here is the verse…..

It might sound simple, but this pretty much sums up the first major part of God’s story, so I believe it is an appropriate starting point.

This week, let’s ponder the wonder of our God – His awesome power and wonderful works. We get to see it everyday in front of our own eyes – the miraculous created order. Every time we see the sun, the moon, the stars, the animals, the flowers, the sky, other people….we are looking at the creative art of the God of the universe.

We also see in this verse that God has no beginning. He is eternal. It says, “In the beginning God….,” which means that God was already there in the beginning. It’s a little mind boggling if you ponder that point for a bit.