What’s the Best Bedtime Music for Kids?

I love introducing my child to good music, especially worship music.

Sarah and I made a playlist on the iPod that we play softly for Kezzie (19 months) every night as we put her to sleep.  She usually doesn’t make it that far into the playlist before falling asleep, but we made the list long just in case.  I’m curious, what’s on your kid’s bedtime playlist?  Is bedtime music helpful or a distraction for your kids?

Here’s Kezzie’s playlist, in no particular order.  I put some thoughts about each one in the caption.  If you click on each one (as of writing this), it will take you to that album on Amazon.com (I’m not getting any cut from the sale, I’m just linking it to a place to find the album if you like)….

You know, Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, you get the picture..... (real instruments, by the way)
I'm not as crazy about this one, but its on here anyway. The music is played by electronic sounds of xylophones and strings. I much prefer the actual studio recordings of tangible instruments.
Probably my favorite song of all time, Cantique de Jean Racine, is on here. And this album is sung by one of the world's greatest choirs (Rutter's Cambridge Singers)
My mother-in-law gave us this CD. It has some simple melodies with worshipful lyrics.
The Hallelujah Chorus might be a great song, but we don't put it on this playlist. We stick to the lighter songs on here (He Shall Feed His Flock Like a Shepherd, Behold the Lamb of God)
We play the softer songs from this Aaron Copland set (i.e. not the "beef commerical" song from Rodeo).
We start with these songs. They are our favorite ones. The music is perfect, the lyrics are deep theologically, and there is even an accompanying book.


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