Circus 4 Ever


Circus 4 Ever is a ministry made up of Christian jugglers who share a vision of teaching people around the world about the message of Jesus Christ. We use our juggling shows as ways to entertain and connect with audiences so that we can also bring messages of hope and healing through Christ.

118_6965Sometimes, an opportunity arises for me to visit a country or people group on a Christian mission trip. I partner with local pastors and missionaries to help provide entertainment, joy, and teaching through the juggling shows. Here are some of the juggling mission trips I’ve been able to take:

1997 – Belize

1998 – Belize

2000 – The Middle East

2004 – Albania

2013 – Haiti

118_6992Would you consider donating to this Christian mission ministry? I will take my next juggling mission trip when funds for such a trip come available.

Donations to my mission trips with Circus 4 Ever are tax deductible since Circus 4 Ever is a non-profit organization. All the money donated to Circus 4 Ever goes towards travel expenses and mission-related supplies (for example, Bibles or juggling equipment for local children, etc.). I do not receive any fees or honorariums on these mission trips.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation. Contact me and I will arrange the best way for you to submit the donation.