International Outreach


Sometimes, an opportunity arises for me to visit a country or people group on a Christian mission trip. I partner with local pastors and missionaries to help provide entertainment, joy, and teaching through the juggling shows. Here are some of the juggling mission trips I’ve been able to take:

1997 – Belize

1998 – Belize

2000 – The Middle East

2004 – Albania

2013 – Haiti

2019 – Belize


Would you consider donating to this Christian mission ministry? I will take my next juggling mission trip when funds for such a trip come available.

Your donation is likely to be tax deductible. It depends on the particular organization I partner with on that trip. All the money donated to my trips goes towards travel expenses and mission-related supplies (for example, Bibles or juggling equipment for local children, etc.). I do not receive any fees or honorariums on these mission trips.

If you would like to make a donation for any of my upcoming trips or ask about which ones are possibly being planned, contact me and I will arrange the best way for you to submit the donation.