My research interests revolve around calling, vocation, Christian education, and the circus arts. Here is where you can find my work in the form of books and articles…

Published in 2023, Ordinary Saints is a compilation of essays about how people find sacred meaning in the everyday things of life (like juggling!). I authored one of the chapters in this text, edited by Ned Bustard and published by Square Halo Books. You can get your copy from the Square Halo website or on Amazon.

My first peer-reviewed academic article appeared in The Christian Education Journal: Research in Educational Ministry in December 2023. In it, I summarize my findings of my dissertation research (see below). It is entitled “Holy Fools”: The Journey of Calling for Christian Variety Performers. You can find the link to the article here.

In 2021, I published my dissertation research. The title is “Holy Fools”: Exploring the Journey of Calling for Christian Variety Performers. I interviewed thirty seasoned Christian entertainers (clowns, jugglers, ventriloquists, magicians, and the like) about the meaning of calling in their work.

You can access the work for free at ProQuest. Click here to read it.

In 2014, I contributed to a book called Bright Ideas for Children’s Ministry, Volume 1 published by Kidology and edited by Steven McKnight and Karl Bastian.