Where is the Google Flights Calendar Chart Graph?

I love using Google Flights. In my opinion, its the best flight search engine out there. One of my favorite features is the calendar chart that shows the lowest fares by departure date for any given set of itineraries (both cites and length of trip).

The problem is that I cannot find the button for that feature anywhere on Google Flights right now. Does anyone know what happened to it? Am I missing something?

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2 thoughts on “Where is the Google Flights Calendar Chart Graph?”

  1. A modified version of the chart is still available, but it is harder to find and less flexible than it used to be.
    After entering airports, click on the box to enter the day you leave, and the calendar will pop up, with the chart underneath. Unfortunately, the bar graph no longer goes beyond a 14 day trip (+/- 3 days). I hope it will go back to the way it used to be, because it was a very useful tool.

    1. I noticed that feature as well. Call me stubborn to the change, but I really think the old graph was superior and easier to understand and navigate.

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