John Calvin’s Institutes

A friend of mine and I are reading through Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion this year. I got the book (which is two volumes in one) from my Dad for Christmas. We get together on Wednesday mornings at Starbucks and discuss what we’ve been reading. It looked overwhelming at first, but we use a daily reading guide from Princeton Seminary that breaks it up into bite-sized chunks (

If you don’t own the book, you can read it online (and/or listen to it if you like). As my friend and I are reading it, I’m realizing that John Calvin was indeed a great thinker and theologian. The topics on which he writes are extremely relevant for any generation, including ours. We just finished a section where Calvin was defending the authority of the Bible (good stuff). Today’s reading was about idolatry and God’s jealousy.

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  1. You’ll have to share what you’re gleaning for those of us who will likely never tackle such a book.

  2. Have you seen the Calvin materials on Among other things, it contains information on a 97-volume collection of Calvin’s Institutes, commentaries, letters, treatises, and a whole lot more.

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