Remarkable Things About AirTran

I fly a lot. I most often fly Delta. But I also end up taking US Air, United, and American Airlines (the major carriers). I have also flown on some of the smaller carriers, such as Jet Blue and Southwest. There is another one called AirTran that I flew for the first time this past weekend.

The big airlines, for the most part, have little to no unique features from one to another. They all pretty much get you and your luggage (most of the time) safely to your destination, with a little drink and snack for refreshment.

The small airlines have come up with some unique characteristics that set them apart from the big airlines. That’s probably one of the ways they try to remain competitive with the larger carriers.

Southwest is known for the “free-for-all” seat acquisitions (you have a number for your spot in line and then you just get on the plane and find your favorite seat) and their free baggage (which is huge).

Jet Blue has TV’s, cool snacks, and real laid back flight attendants.

Here is what AirTran has (based on my experience this weekend):

1. XM Radio (dozens of channels) in every seat (BYO headphones)
2. Free Wi-Fi on every flight (BYO laptop or smart phone)
3. Free coffee in the gate area before you board
4. A designated attendant greeting you as you get off your plane to tell you the gate of your connecting flight (I actually really appreciated this feature).
5. Upgrade to Business Class for only $49 extra. While I did not take advantage of this, that’s a pretty good deal.

What are some features that you appreciate or do not appreciate about certain airlines?

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