Save Money on a Computer Upgrade

I’m sure this offer has been out for a while, but I just found out about Apple’s computer recycling program. As some of you out there know, I’ve been a Mac user my entire life (since my Dad bought one of the first ones in 1984). I’m not one of those crazy Apple fanatics who lives and breathes for Apple products, but I do feel they have a good product and good service.

I noticed on their website that if I ever want to buy a new computer, I can recycle my current computer (by mailing it in to Apple) and receive an Apple gift card in the amount of the value of my used computer. I checked the value of my current machine (an iMac I bought in 2007) and found it to be right around $250 in value.

If I ever purchase a new Mac, that $250 will sure come in handy. It looks like they will recycle and give out gift cards for both Mac and PC products.

Check out the value of your computer and read more about the program at

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