They Tried to Get WHAT Past Security?

As a professional juggler, you spend your time doing weird things, like searching “can you check a chainsaw in your luggage on an airplane?” on Google.

So I did that today, and I found the most fascinating website I’ve ever seen.  It is sponsored by the TSA, and it is their blog about all the stupid and crazy things people have tried to sneak onto commercial aircraft (either intentionally or unintentionally).  Here is the link written out:

According to the blog, this year alone (2012), the TSA has confiscated 821 firearms, over 600 of which were LOADED.  Other interesting items they found in their scanners were grenades, pepper spray, IED’s, throwing knives, stun guns, samurai swords, and weed-laced peanut butter.

I fly on planes a lot, and knowing the information from this blog is both scary and reassuring at the same time.

It’s also fun to read some of the comments of people who hate the TSA.

What about checking a chainsaw in your luggage?  It turns out that currently, according to the TSA, you can check a chainsaw free of any gas/oil, but each airline has their own policies, so check with each particular airline also.  But don’t take my word for it.  Always check with TSA and the airline before trying to take a chainsaw on a plane 🙂

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