Church Shows

Church Shows

Having 6 years of experience as a Children’s Pastor, Jesse has a way of weaving deep Biblical teaching into an exciting juggling show that leaves families hearing the clear message of the Gospel without it coming across “preachy”.  Whether you are planning a Fall Festival or a special family outreach night, Jesse can partner with you in your ministry events.  As a Christian entertainer and Christian juggler, Jesse will bring a clean family-friendly day/night of fun to your event.

Here is an evaluation of Jesse’s church presentation by a Family Minister in Bel Air, MD:

Was the program what you had expected?
Absolutely!  Jesse did an amazing job, sharing Scripture from the get-go and engaging the audience.  Everything ran very smoothly, including his mini-presentation juggling chainsaws outside during our egg hunt 🙂

Did the program help you reach your goals for this event?
Yes, the program was just what we wanted for a Sunday morning family outreach service.  Jesse superseded our expectations, even though he had been with us four years prior.

Do you feel that those attending were impacted by the presentation?
We were thrilled at the response to the salvation message.  We had over 20 people say they wanted to make a commitment to Christ as a result of the program.  That is the best response we have had in several years to any church event we have held for outreach.

Would you recommend Jesse Joyner to others?
Absolutely!  Jesse was phenomenal….such a wonderful talent, and a great communicator!  Families have shared how delighted they were with his involving so many kids and adults in his program, and his ability to weave humor and the Gospel message into his program is so effective.  We also enjoyed him sharing from Scripture and having our tech team put the verses on the screen so people could follow along and read the Scripture for themselves.


More about Jesse’s Church Show:

Jesse’s most popular show is called “From Creation to the Cross.”  It is an artistic way of telling the “big-picture” story of the Bible through juggling tricks and comedic audience participation, focusing on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Jesse also presents theme-based shows, such as “Kid Champions” (kids in the Bible who were used by God in big ways) and shows that focus on the current Bible story or verse that a particular church is working through at the time.

Jesse has been a past performer and workshop presenter for the International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM) Children’s Pastors Conferences (CPC).  His experience with family ministry and children’s ministry will bring a level of both relevance and theological depth to your next outreach or family night.

Jesse focused his academic studies on the Bible in both college (Taylor University) and seminary (Asbury Theological Seminary), receiving his Master’s of Divinity in 2007.  He is currently studying part-time towards a PhD in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He loves to share the depths of God’s Word in ways that are understandable to all ages.