Uncle Charlie: Shine On

Uncle Charlie’s newest CD project, “Shine On” is a spectacular high-energy worship set for kids of all ages.

As a personal friend of Charlie (who didn’t ask me to blog about this), I am proud to say that I was the second person to receive a copy of this CD (his mother was first).  We were overlapping weeks of summer camp at Mt. Lebanon in the Dallas area and Charlie joyously handed me one out of the freshly opened cardboard box.

This morning, my wife Sarah was trying to find something along the lines of worship music for kids on Pandora.  Of course, the tentacles of Pandora only reach but so far, and tons of great indie music, including solid worship music for kids, don’t really register on Pandora.  So I pulled out the CD that Charlie had handed me several weeks ago.

We listened and I love it!  My daughter danced to it too (which is the real test).  I was impressed at how Charlie, who is not in his 20’s or 30’s anymore, is able to still put out great, fresh, relevant, 2012 music sounds.  He could easily be mistaken for a 20-something rocker if all you did is listen (well, OK, he looks young too 🙂 ).

Most of the songs have that electronica/dance beat sound to them, much like the current sounds of TobyMac and Group 1 Crew.  I especially like his electronic dance rendition of one of my favorites: Happy and You Know It.  The very following track, “You Are Savior” is a much slower worship song, which shows the spectrum of styles you’ll find on the CD.  This song is sung by a female vocal lead.

Charlie has such a genuine heart for Jesus and seeing all children, especially those who are disenfranchised in this life, hear about and receive the love, care, and compassion that God has for them.  This CD is a super addition to any collection of worship songs for kids.

So take a listen and get down with “Shine On”!  Here’s the link (and its only $10): http://store.unclecharlie.com/product/shine-on-cd

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