Promo Videos

Thanks for your interest in my show! I have different promo videos for different types of venues so that I can best serve your event needs. Scroll through the videos to find the type of event that best matches your own event…

Festivals and Family Events:

Churches and Family Ministry Events

This is a short promo of my juggling ministry program, which is usually a 30-45 minute stage presentation for the whole family!
This is a series of three videos comprising a Christmas sermon I delivered at my home church.
This is a full sermon I delivered at a church in Nevada. I use juggling and balancing to illustrate the Bible teaching.
Here is another full sermon with juggling that I presented at a church in Texas.

Library Shows

When I juggle for libraries, I make sure to provide fun, laughter, and an emphasis on the importance of READING! I tell my own story of learning how to juggle from books that I checked out from my local library as a child.

Fall Festivals and Trunk or Treats

This highlight video features clips from my show at a church fall festival.


Don’t try this at home 🙂

Radio and Web Interviews

This is an interview I gave on Born to Be Brave TV!

For a radio interview I gave for a station in Hawaii, click here: