What’s Up with the New Facebook Favicon?

A favicon is that little icon that your browser shows when you bookmark a page.  I’ve had Facebook bookmarked for some time and I just noticed yesterday that instead of the small “f”, there is now a small blue triangle with one point facing in the left direction (like an arrowhead pointing left).

I tried looking up this new icon online and couldn’t find much information.  Anybody know what is going on?  Perhaps Facebook is trying another one of their incognito changes 🙂

Or maybe this is old news and I have yet to be enlightened.  As it so happens, the world still turns and life goes on, regardless of Facebook’s choice of favicon.


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23 thoughts on “What’s Up with the New Facebook Favicon?”

  1. Yeah… I got the same thing on my laptop, but it shows the normal f on my desktop. I’m so confused!!!

  2. Came here via Google due to wondering about the same. From reading here, got the idea to check it in FF because I too am using Chrome and I still get the blue F in FF. Makes me wonder if Google isn’t hijacking the favicon using a reversed icon of their new Google Play market, heh

  3. Well I can tell you this…
    If you are seeing the change on one computer and not the other, try clearing your browsing data on the device where you don’t see the change.
    Your computer actually stores such information (as favicons) and won’t change them sometimes unless you clear that data.
    However, I’m also really curious about the change. I even explored their badges that are available for embedding and none of those have changed… Quite odd, indeed!

    BTW… Is this website powered by SquareSpace?

    1. This is WordPress powered by PageLines (or would that be the other way around?). Anyway, I like it a lot better than iWeb, which is what I used before.

  4. Yeah, I have the same triangle favicon in Firefox 14.0.1, so it’s not a Chrome bug. I emailed Facebook support but got no response. My guess would be that it’s an ‘incognito’ change, as you put it.

  5. OK, so now the favicon is back to the blue “F” on my browser, so something has changed and I’m not sure what.

  6. OK, the blue triangle is back AGAIN! There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this switching of the favicon back and forth. Any insight out there?

    In other news, it looks like Google just updated their favicon from the colorful “G” to a white “G” outlined in blue. I like the new look, Google.

    1. Not sure about that. All I know is that according to my site stats, a ton of people hit this post, so that shows me that many people out there are wondering the same thing. My brief research online shows that others out there are also noticing and asking, but I have yet to find any answers. Facebook is also silent on the subject. And good luck trying to contact someone from Facebook to ask them yourself!

  7. it’s not a spyware or else, it’s from Facebook itself.
    I try to look-up their HTML and got this:

    which pointing the favicon to the triangle one.

    but there’s still unknown why Facebook is doing this.

    1. ups, the tag is gone.. here it is:
      <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/yi/r/q9U99v3_saj.ico”>

      1. When I put in that web address, it shows me the traditional “F” favicon. I think it might be a browser thing and/or the particular version of each browser. Still, no one knows what it means…..

        1. the link above pointing to the triangle icon which is used by Facebook to replace the default favicon.
          the browser itself pull the default favicon, which is located at the root of every domain ( http://facebook.com/favicon.ico ) when the page doesn’t define the custom icon to be used.

          what I wanted to say is:
          the default favicon is still the “F” logo, located on http://www.facebook.com/favicon.ico
          Facebook replace the default favicon with the triangle, which is located on http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/yi/r/q9U99v3_saj.ico

          if you open the last link, don’t look at the icon, but look at the image shown on the browser body.

      1. It’s happening again today, and I noticed the urls for certain pages keep changing. I also have a question: not understanding James’ last comment, any help there please?

        1. I believe James is simply saying to make the link he gave a bookmarked link. You can then right click on that newly formed bookmark and edit the bookmark’s link to be “facebook.com”

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