Where to find the old Google Flights site

UPDATE: The “running man” button on the new Google Flights has been removed. So here is a direct link to the Classic Google Flights that is still working as of June 2018: https://www.google.com/flights/?f=0#search

I found the nearly hidden button that takes you to the classic/old Google Flights site! See the image below to see where the button is.

I love Google Flights. I use it to search for all of my travels. Recently, Google has been rolling out a new version of it, which I don’t prefer (for various reasons). Up until today, you still got the classic version when you visited the site (with a suggestion to try the new version).

But today, it appears they have rolled over into the new version. I tried it out for size, and honestly, I still like the simplicity of the old version. The new version seems too busy with images. I also couldn’t add nearby airports to the departure airport as quickly and easily as the old version.

Then I worried that they had totally abandoned the old version. But they didn’t! I found the tiny little secret way to get back to what they call the “classic” version. Just click on the small running person in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. You’re welcome.

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4 thoughts on “Where to find the old Google Flights site”

  1. I used the running man, but now all of a sudden it’s not there. Do you know any other way to get to the old classic page?

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