Historical Juggling Props Museum

I have the privilege of being a personal friend of the curator of the historical props juggling museum, David Cain. That means that when I juggle in his area (like I did last week), I can pay him a visit and get a free tour of the holdings. Currently, the museum is in his house, since juggling props are not really something major museums around the country are looking for. But perhaps someday there will be a brick-and-mortar location for all these neat things. David has done a great job of collecting all sorts of actual circus props, from late 1800’s wooden juggling clubs to props used by current stars such as Anthony Gatto, Thomas Dietz, Jason Garfield, Michael Chirrick, Mark Nizer, and The Passing Zone (just to name a few).

Some of my favorite things in the collection are the Bobby May clubs, the Lottie Brunn juggling ball, and a worn metal plate from the famed Salerno. Being a juggler myself, I know the kind of wear and tear these props have gone through. These props have seen thousands upon thousands of drops in practice as well as glorious catches and tricks in front of countless cheering crowds. Every piece has a story.

You can read more and see more at the site David set up for the museum at http://historicaljugglingprops.com/

Here are some pics I took of my visit:

















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