Free Puppet Show: What Happened to Sylvia?

This is a puppet show written for use in church.  It requires two characters plus a caterpillar and a butterfly.  In this skit, the two main characters (Eddie the Explorer and Larry the Lizard) are exploring species of animals in the Amazon rainforest.

You may freely use this and make copies of this routine so long as it is used for non-profit purposes.  If you share it with others, please tell them where you found it (

Here’s the skit:

Eddie: Larry, its been so long since we’ve found a new species of animal out here.  I’m starting to get tired of this whole explorer thing.  Maybe we should just give up.

Larry: What are you talking about Eddie?  God made you to be an explorer.  Without you, my life here in the Amazon would be boring.  Please keep looking around with me.

Eddie: Well, if you put it that way, Larry, I guess I’ll keep being an explorer.  So, let’s look over here today.

Larry: Nothing

Eddie: How about over there?

Larry: Nothing

Eddie: What about…..wait…..I think I see something!  Its really small and its crawling on the ground!

Larry: Well, pick it up Eddie.

Eddie: I don’t want to hurt it or anything.  I’ll gently scoop it up with this piece of paper.

Larry: Careful

Eddie: There, I got it.  It’s a really long worm-looking thing.  Its green and it has tons of legs!

Larry: That’s a caterpillar.

Eddie: A what?

Larry: A caterpillar.  You know, those little animals that turn into a…..

Eddie (interrupting):  Well, I’m going to name my caterpillar Sylvia!  Hi Sylvia.

Larry: O brother!

Eddie: Hey Sylvia, lets go out and play, OK?  We can jump rope, play hopscotch, throw a football around, even make snow angels in the snow.

Larry: Eddie, there’s no snow in the Amazon

Eddie: Well Sylvia and I will pretend.  We’re going to have so much fun being friends (go on and on about doing things together and being new friends).

Larry: Eddie, its getting late, lets go down to bed.

Eddie: OK, let me kiss Sylvia goodnight. (which he does)

Larry: Good night, Eddie

Eddie: Good night, Larry.


Larry: Good morning, Eddie.

Eddie: Good morning, Larry.  You know, its been a few weeks since I’ve played with my friend, Sylvia.  (going over to where he last left her).  Good morning, Sylvia…..Sylvia?  Sylvia?  Larry!  Where’s Sylvia?  She’s gone.  She’s completely gone!

Larry: Where did you put her?

Eddie: Right here in this box!  She couldn’t have escaped.  There’s just a little plastic shell.  Oh no!  I think Sylvia died!

Larry: Well, I tried to tell you….

Eddie: She’s gone forever.  No one to play with.  No one to seesaw with.  No one to eat macaroni and cheese with…….

Larry: Eddie, I think she turned into a….

Eddie: I’m so sad, Larry.  This is the most sad day of my life.

Larry: Eddie, I think she turned into a butterfly.

Eddie: Don’t talk to me about butter and pie right now.  I just lost one of my friends.

Larry: Eddie, you didn’t lose her.  She just turned into a butterfly.

Eddie: What do you mean.  An animal can’t just turn into something else overnight.’

Larry: Well, caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Eddie: That’s crazy.

(Sylvia the butterfly is flying around overhead, make a paper butterfly to be Sylvia)

Eddie: Sylvia?  Sylvia?  Is that you?  It IS you!  You’re alive!  How did you get those wings!

Larry: That’s how God made the caterpillar.  Isn’t that cool!

Eddie: Yeah.  That’s really cool of God to take something that dies and make it a new life again with wings and everything.

Larry: That’s just like God!


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