Press Kit

We’ve got what you’re looking for when it comes to promoting Jesse’s appearance at your event.

If you have a screen at your venue, here is Jesse’s logo to project on the screen during his show. This PNG file looks best if placed over a black background:

This first batch of images are some action shots from Jesse’s show.

Below this set is another set of images that are designed as flyers and posters. Some even have blank blocks that you can use to fill in your event information! Click on any image to access the slideshow and then find the ones you want to use.

Here are some more promo pics. Included in this set are logos, flyers, and posters.


Large Promo Poster (Yellow)

Large Promo Poster (Red)

Medium Promo Poster (2950 x 1922)

Medium Promo Poster with Bio and Testimonials (3000 x 2400)

Small Promo – Good for Mailers/Handouts (1842 x 1240)

Videos that you can freely show for promo purposes

Jesse’s headshot

Jesse’s logo, in jpeg (1st image) or png (2nd image):

jesse joyner jpeg

jesse joyner - png

Gallery: *click on the thumbnail below first, then save or download the larger file that appears:

Screenshot stills to project on screen during Jesse’s show (first is a JPEG, the rest are other types of files):

Juggling Logo Screenshot.001

Juggling Logo Screenshot (Keynote)

Juggling Logo Screenshot (PDF)

Juggler Logo Screenshot (Power Point)

To share Jesse’s social media links with your audience before the event, use these links:



And here’s what to say when you introduce Jesse on stage before he starts his show:

Jesse Joyner Intro

Our guest, Jesse Joyner, comes to us all the way from Richmond, Virginia. Jesse is one of the few people in the world who have completed a marathon while juggling. But Jesse’s proudest accomplishment was finding a woman that liked him enough to marry him. Her name is Sarah and they are blessed to have three kids – the perfect number for juggling children. Be prepared to raise your hand to help Jesse because he needs tons of volunteers for his tricks! Let’s welcome Jesse Joyner!