The Wordless Book

Wordless Book Power Point
This is a screenshot of the PDF version. You can download the whole thing for free in either PDF or Power Point below.

I have created a Power Point presentation that follows a version of The Wordless Book, sometimes known as the Colors of Salvation, or the Salvation Colors. This presentation is technically not “wordless” because I put the Scripture references in there. But that’s all. Each color is shown by a colored circle, then the corresponding Scripture reference, and then a purple cross at the end (to represent the royalty of Christ, the King of Kings).

I am using this for an Upward presentation I am doing this Sunday night. I hope you can make good use of it as well. Please freely use this for your own ministry and share it as you like, just don’t go selling it 🙂

Here are two versions of the presentation, one PDF and one Power Point

Colors of Salvation – PDF

Colors of Salvation – Power Point Version


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  1. I was looking for a ppt version to use at a baptism service this Sunday. Thank for this.

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