New Life

I found a bird’s nest in our hanging flower basket on the front porch. Good thing I didn’t take it out – the next day there was an egg in it! And the day after that (which is today), there was another egg. I think it might be a tree swallow or a common grackle. It is small, white, and has some very small black smudges on it (maybe dirt, maybe egg design – I know the grackle has some black smudges on it’s eggs).

Any thoughts on what kind of bird it is? We’ll know soon enough when Mom comes to incubate the eggs. I’ll probably miss the hatching since I’ll be out of town for the next 6 weeks speaking at camps.

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Dr. Jesse Joyner travels nationwide as a speaker and entertainer. His primary role is that of a performing juggler spreading joy and the love of learning to family and kids events. H earned his PhD in Educational Studies at Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL). He enjoys playing the piano, bird watching, and old houses. He lives in Richmond, VA with his wife, Sarah, and their three kids - the perfect number for juggling children.

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  1. That happens to us every single time we put a basket up. I love hanging baskets but I had to quit getting them because the birds would put a nest in there and kill the flower. Every single time. 🙁
    Good luck with your bird family. 🙂

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