1 Kings Memory Verse

Micaiah was under pressure to say something good to King Ahab about his chances in battle. All the other prophets were telling Ahab what he wanted to hear (that he was going to be victorious). Micaiah, though, insisted on only telling Ahab what the Lord was saying, regardless of what everyone else was saying. A timeless reminder to speak the truth of the Lord whether or not it is the popular thing to say at the time. #mvotwyear

Ruth Memory Verse

One of the most beautiful moments in the Bible. A young widow insists on migrating to a foreign land and switching her religious allegiance to that of her mother-in-law’s. The end result was the continuation of the family line that led to Jesus. God had a plan all along….. #mvotwyear

Deuteronomy Memory Verse

Join me in memorizing these two verses as our memory verse(s) of the week (MVOTW). This passage is also known as the Hebrew “Shema” (the word for “hear”). A beautiful declaration of the monotheistic God of Israel and the command to love Him with every ounce of our being. Follow along on Instagram @jessejoyner and #mvotwyear